Welcome to the CJSC Transmashholding! Transmashholding is the largest company on the railway machine-building market. We manufacture diesel-locomotive shunters, main-line and electric industrial locomotives, passenger and freight cars, electric train cars, locomotive and marine diesels, car castings and other products.


3 November 2016 y.

TVZ has built the first staff coach with seats

31 October 2016 y.

Five hundredth traction motor for the mainline diesel locomotive has been produced at NEVZ


  • Machines manufactured at Transmashholding sites operate in all climatic zones of the Globe

  • Locomotives developed at holding sites dominate at CIS countries railroads, they are successfully operated in Finland, Poland, China, Guinea and other countries

  • Metro cars manufactured by Transmashholding are in operation in 19 cities of 11 countries and carry daily 16 million passengers


25 25.10.2016

Specia-purpose electric lokomotive

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