Welcome to the CJSC Transmashholding! Transmashholding is the largest company on the railway machine-building market. We manufacture diesel-locomotive shunters, main-line and electric industrial locomotives, passenger and freight cars, electric train cars, locomotive and marine diesels, car castings and other products.


20 November 2014 y.

Octyabrysky Electric Railway Car Repair Plant Delivered 52 Metro Cars to Petersburg

19 November 2014 y.

Transmashholding and Alstom to Supply 3 More Low-Floor Tramways to Saint-Petersburg


  • Machines manufactured at Transmashholding sites operate in all climatic zones of the Globe
  • Locomotives developed at holding sites dominate at CIS countries railroads, they are successfully operated in Finland, Poland, China, Guinea and other countries
  • Metro cars manufactured by Transmashholding are in operation in 19 cities of 11 countries and carry daily 15 million passengers


Issue 18

2ES5: Design outputs and prospects