General Director – Igor Mochalin


Company profile

Bezhitsa Steel Foundry (BSZ) is the largest manufacturer and supplier of car casting in Russia.

Product Range

The enterprise manufactures freight car bogie frames, bolsters, automatic couplings for freight and passenger cars, journal boxes for freight cars and much more.

Quality management system is implemented, operated and actively developed at the enterprise; a certificate of compliance is received; the conformity mark of voluntary certification for railway is allowed to be used. An experimental batch of new T-1 class "PMKP-110" cushioning devices was manufactured in cooperation with the scientists from the Bryansk State Technical University. This is the first in the world friction cushioning device that does not require any preliminary seating-in. Production organization for new freight bogie with axle load of 25 tons is in progress. The plant has started production of three-axle bogie cast parts of for dump cars.

The market share of car casting that belongs to the enterprise is 18% in CIS countries and 36% in Russia. The main consumers of BSZ products are the enterprises of Transmashholding, and BSZ is a part of Transmashholding.

Enterprise workforce is 4,186 employees.

Historical background

The enterprise was founded in 1935. In the second half of the 30’s the plant was one of the most powerful and advanced enterprises of the USSR. During the war BSZ was evacuated to Nizhny Tagil, where it manufactured T-34 tanks together with the workers of the railway car plant. After the liberation of Bryansk, the Enterprise workers, who returned from evacuation, restored the destroyed plant and in 1946 produced the first post-war steel.

In 1954 the Enterprise began to produce new journal boxes for passenger and freight cars, which increased speed, weight and length of trains. In 1956 BSZ started production of T-180 heavy tractors, which were successfully operated in the Crimea, in the Far North and during construction of the Aswan Dam in Egypt.

Later the building, where the tractors were made, was transferred to the newly built Bryansk motor vehicle plant; thus it marked the beginning of its establishment and equipping.

In 1966 the Enterprise began to produce valves for oil and gas pipelines and nuclear power stations.

In 1985 the enterprise was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor for achievements in the production.

General Directors

Rodionov1941V.V. Vasilyev1993-1994
A.L. Gindelman.1944S.I. Alyoshin1994-2001
A.F. Averin1948-1965S.O. Rebotenko2001-2002
E.K. Averin1965-1980 V.I. Dolgov 2002
Yu.F. Koryachko1980-1983V.I. Ryazanov2003-2005
M.A. Nidbaikin.1983-1993V.V. Voronin 2005-2008
S.I. Alyoshin. 2008-2009 V.V. Voronin 2009-2018