Director General: Oleg Igorevich Karmadonov

Website: www.kmtspb.ru

Company profile

KMT Industrial Group (KMT) operates on the market of rolling stock components. The enterprise specializes in design and production of passenger coaches equipment.

Product range

  • automatic external doors for passenger coaches;
  • swing doors (external) for passenger coaches;
  • locomotive swing doors (external and internal);
  • aluminum plastic windows;
  • enclosed swivel steps;
  • floor framing for passenger coaches;
  • hangers for sliding doors of passenger coach compartment;
  • high-voltage car-to-car connections;
  • liquid switch.

Advanced developments

  • driver's cab side window;
  • doors for new generation of metro cars and EMUs;
  • lift for handicapped.

Main basic technologies used at the enterprise

  • laser metal cutting - laser TRUMATIC-L3030 unit;
  • mechanical processing on the basis of DAHLIH processing centers, CINCINNATI turning and turning-milling processing centers;
  • welding complex;
  • paint and varnish conveyor lines;
  • door leaves assembling;
  • aluminum plastic windows assembling;
  • high-voltage intercar connections assembling;
  • high-voltage and low-voltage tests.

Total staff - 1 036.

Historical background

1991 Foundation of KMT Innovation Company. Development of innovative designs and placement of orders at production facilities.

1992 - serial production of high-voltage intercar connections for OJSC Tver Carriage Works.

1994 renting of production facilities in Lomonosov and setting up of own production.

1995 development of aluminum plastic window prototype model, materials selection, study of Western models.

1996 foundation of CJSC Lomonosovskiy Opitniy Zavod.
Delivery of a pilot batch of aluminum plastic windows.

1997 Joint committee on aluminum plastic windows approved full-scale supply of windows to OJSC Tver Carriage Works.
Start R&D for development of automatic doors for passenger coaches.

1998 - batch supply of new generation aluminum plastic windows.

1999 foundation of CJSC KMT.

2000 - CJSC KMT re-registered as OJSC KMT. Lomonosovskiy Opitniy Zavod bought out.
The Company's quality system certified to the ISO 9001 international standard.

2001 - development of external doors for passenger coaches started.
Engineering Center established due to the growing complexity of design efforts.

2002 - National industry promotion society awarded KMT a Gold Medal for product quality, dynamism, and creative development.

2003 - beginning of partnership with CJSC Transmashholding, establishment of CJSC Management Company KMT and CJSC KMT Trade House.

2004 - supply of automatic doors and swivel steps in amount of 28 sets for two Burevestnik-2 Nizhny Novgorod-Moscow trains.

2005 - supply of automatic external doors in amount of 20 sets for two St. Petersburg-Moscow Nevskiy Express trains.
Construction of new building for the welding and assembly workshop (swivel step production).

2006 - supply of automatic external doors and swivel steps in amount of 40 sets for two St. Petersburg-Moscow Krasnaya Strela trains.
Painting and assembly workshop (for door leaf assembling and painting) was put into operation.
Up-to-date mechanical production set up on the basis of DAHLIH processing centers and CINCINNATI turning and turning/milling processing centers.
Implementation of a new project for the development and supply of door systems for a city bus (LiAZ-5292, LiAZ-5293).
Development and supply of a prototype set of single swing doors for locomotive of Kolomensky Zavod.

2007 beginning of the production of new automatic external doors and swivel steps for passenger coaches, Models 61-4440 and 61-4447, designed for running speeds of up to 200 km/h.
Supply of new single swing doors for passenger cars, Models 61-4179, 61-4194, 61-4174, designed for running speeds of up to 160 km/h.