Lugansk Diesel Locomotive Plant

Lugansk Diesel Locomotive Plant

Director General – Mikheev Sergey Alexandrovitch

Website: www.luganskteplovoz.com

General information

Public joint stock company Luganskteplovoz is the largest Ukrainian and Eastern European producer of railway traction rolling stock. The production is based on their own design and engineering developments.

Product lines

Main activities of the enterprise are: design, industrial production and maintenance of freight, passenger and shunting diesel locomotives, freight AC/DC locomotives, suburban AC/DC diesel and electric trains, as well as spare units and aggregates.

Luganskteplovoz is the only plant in Ukraine capable to produce the entire range of railway rolling stock.

Production structure

Production at Luganskteplovoz has a complete closed cycle. Overall territory of the production area equals to 124 ha. Production consists of metallurgical, procurement, welding-assembling and mechanic assembling facilities. The enterprise executes complete technical industrialization including pre-design scientific research works, designing, production, tests, experimental engineering development, technological and organizational-material production preparation. The structure of the enterprise includes: 10 main workshops, 9 auxiliary workshops, “Polymer” engineering and production center, “Lugtransport” engineering service center, “Instrumentalnoye proizvodstvo” production-commercial center, production management, 30 departments and services.

The enterprise disposes of unique equipment and technology for producing rolling stock, wheels set, traction locomotives, welded structures (main frames, bogie frames, and body shells), brake equipment, heat exchangers, radiator sections, and gear boxes.

Number of employees – 6300 people


May 15, 1896 is the official establishment date of Lugansk Locomotive Plant; the founder was a German manufacturer Gustav Hartmann.

In 1900 the first steam locomotive was produced at the Locomotive Plant.

In 1906 production capacity of Lugansk Locomotive Plant matched such large enterprises as Bryansk and Putilovskiy plants. Production of steam locomotives was constantly growing. The Plant produced steam locomotives of the following series: Od, Ov, E freight locomotives, S and B passenger locomotives. The Plant established representative offices in order to engage clients from all economically important parts of Russia (from Warsaw to Irkutsk).

A major reconstruction that took place in 1928-1933 enabled developing of more powerful freight locomotives of 1-5-1 type, under the name of Felix Dzerzhinskiy (FD). Judging from its technical equipping the Works was the most sophisticated and the biggest in Europe. In the same time a new JS (Josef Stalin) series passenger locomotive was built. The Plant was awarded a golden medal for FD and JS steam locomotives during the fair in Paris.

As the Great Patriotic War began, the Plant switched to production the goods necessary at the front. After Lugansk liberation the Plant’s employees started to restore the destructed production process already in 1943. The first after-war SO (Sergo Ordzhonikidze) series steam locomotive was produced in October 1945. By the Decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated June 7, 1947 and in the view of the Plant’s 50th anniversary it was awarded Order of Lenin for successful fulfillment of government assignment on restoring the factory and manufacturing products important for national economy. Until 1956 the Plant focused on steam locomotive production. During this period of time it produced over 12000 steam locomotives of various types with power capacity 600 to 1800 h.p.

October 19, 1956 Steam Locomotive Plant was renamed as Diesel Locomotive Plant. Within a short period of time the production was re-equipped and adjusted for diesel locomotives.

In 1956-1957 electric transmission shunting diesel locomotives were produced to operate in tropical climate on Bhilai Steel Plant in India. These were the first diesel locomotives to be exported.

In 1958-1962 a range of mainline hydraulic transmission diesel locomotives (TG101, TG102, TG105, TG106) with sectional capacity of 1500 to 4000 h.p. was developed.

1962. Production of 2TE10L diesel locomotives with power capacity of 2ő3000 h.p. with DC transmission began. This type of locomotives became the main ones for the USSR railways; its total number exceeds 12000 sections. There was a continuous work in future to improve technical parameters, increase reliability and economic efficiency of this diesel engine. As a result its modifications TEP10L, TE10V, TE10M, 4TE10S, TE10U were made. In 1977 TE10U diesel locomotive received the State Quality Mark.

In 1965 deliveries of M62 series diesel locomotives with power capacity of 2000 h.p. began to People’s Republic of Hungary. Later on it was used as the basis for more than 15 modifications for different countries and regions of the USSR.

In 1967 TE109 diesel locomotive was created enabling development of a range of new diesel locomotives with AC/DC transmission. Further on this locomotive became the main basic model for many units and schemes of locomotives’ series 07, 130, 131, 132, 142, TE114 to be exported, as well as 2TE116 diesel locomotive designed for Ministry of Railways in the USSR.

High technical and operation factors of diesel locomotives are distinguished with Big Golden Medals and Diplomas of Plovdivsk and Leipzig International Fair in 1972, 1974, 1975, and the Plant itself was awarded Golden Mercury international prize for essential contribution into development of international trade cooperation. TE114 and 2TE116 diesel locomotives were produced with the Quality Mark.

In 60-70-s the Plant has a heavy workload in order to produce a wide range of product lines important for national economy and export, including chemical equipment, rail cars of over 10 types and various carrying load.

In 1971 the Plant was awarded the Order of the October Revolution for development and production of mainline diesel locomotives.

In 1977 2TE121 locomotive prototype with power capacity of 2ő4000 h.p. was developed and produced, thus initiating development of a new range of locomotives of section capacity 4000-6000h.p. and fundamentally new structural solutions in regard of the running gear (2TE121, TE136, 2TE136 diesel locomotives).

Along with building of new types of diesel locomotives there was a large-scale scientific research aimed at using AC transmission on diesel locomotives (TE120, 2TE127 diesel locomotives) and to substitute diesel fuel with liquid conventional gas (2TE10G and 2TE116G diesel locomotives).

At the end of 70-s there was another reconstruction of the Plant. A number of new workshops were built, production facilities were technically re-equipped which allowed increasing production volumes. In the middle 80-s 115-120 diesel locomotive sections were produced monthly.

At the beginning of 90s Luganskteplovoz established on the basis of diesel locomotive plant started structural reorganization.

Since 1992 the Plant started developing new types of rail transport for railways, municipal facilities and mining industry.

On May 19, 1995 the President of Ukraine issued a Decree “About establishment of a State-owned Holding Luganskteplovoz”. Its registration took place in Lugansk City Council on October 3. It was a new step in the working life of many thousands employees.

Almost all freight mainline transportation services on non-electrified parts of CIS railways are performed by Lugansk locomotives.

During the last decades the enterprise produced over 40 types and modification of shunting, freight mainline and passenger diesel locomotives with power capacity from 1471 to 4411 kW per section.

Altogether the enterprise produced over 44000 diesel locomotives supplied to 11 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Apart from railway means of transportation, which are the main type of the company’s production, manufacturing of other types of products was developed: wagon transfer table for rolling stock, mining equipment (mining scraper conveyer, contractor trucks, traction drive for mining electric locomotives, wheels sets); floating engineer vehicles for water crossing; agricultural equipment, consumer goods.

Directors of the enterprise

Anderson Ya. I.1896 - 1898 Treck G. V.1898 - 1904
Khrzhanovskiy K. K.1904 -1918 Shmyrov I. I.1920 - 1924
Golovushkin M. A.1924 - 1927 Cherenov M. L.1927 - 1928
Belov A.V.1928 -1929 Goncharov G. S.1930
Surkov M. A.1930 - 1933 Kuritsin V. I.1933 -1935
Sheinman I. B.1935 - 1937 Chumichev N. S.1937 - 1938
Apostolov N. T.1938 - 1939 Evsyukov I. T. 1939
Veller V. A.1939 -1943 Ivanov N. K.1943
Nechay I. P.1943 - 1946 Zadorozhniy K. A.1946 - 1947
Veller V. A.1947 - 1952 Soroka P. A.1952 - 1965
Turik N. A.1966 - 1976 Sukhov I. N.1976 - 1987
Kvasov V. I.1987 -1994 Sviridov E. Ya.1994 - 2000
Melnikov N. P.2000 - 2002 Bykadorov V. P.2002 - 2011
Mikheev S. A.since 2011