General Director: Andrei Anatolyevich Andreyev

Website: www.metrowagonmash.ru

Company profile

Metrowagonmash (MWM) is one of the leading enterprises in Russia operating in the field of transport machine building. The enterprise specializes in development, designing and manufacturing of rolling stock for metro systems and railways, spare parts for the manufactured rolling stock, overhaul and service maintenance. In addition, the plant produces automotive vehicles and special-purpose tracked chassis. During its more than a century-long history, the plant manufactured freight, passenger and baggage rail buses, railcars for urban horse-drawn railways and street cars. The enterprise has developed and produced the first in the country rail buses, commuter trains and metro cars.

Product range

Metrowagonmash is the leading manufacturer of cars for metro systems of large cities of the CIS countries and of several Eastern European states. The enterprise has mastered manufacture of Light Rail cars designed for the Butovskaya and the future Solntsevskaya lines of the Moscow Metro.

Other specific products for the plant are rail buses. These vehicles are relatively new for the domestic railways and are designed for operation on suburban and interregional non-electrified routes.

Metrowagonmash also manufactures a wide range of specialty vehicles: dumpers and tow trucks of various applications.

Besides, the enterprise overhauled 80 metro cars.

Business subdivisions

The following production shops are currently operating at the plant:

  • foundry shop;
  • forge shop;
  • tool shop;
  • design and technology service social services block (polyclinic, stadium, food production facility, preschool institutions, child's recreational institutions).

Total staff - 5 061.

Historical background

In December, 1895 "… hereditary honorary citizen S.I. Mamontov, nobleman K.D. Artsybushev and a citizen of the North American United States, a temporary merchant of the Moscow Guild, engineer A.V. Bari" submitted a project to the Ministry of Finance named "Moscow Joint-Stock Company of Carriage Works". On January 2, 1896 the Committee of Ministers allowed "to found the said Company", and its Statute was approved by Nicholas II. Official opening of Mytishchi Carriage Works took place in May, 1897. It was designed for construction of railway rolling stock, cars for urban horse-drawn railways and tram cars.

In 1926, for the first time in the country, the plant began to manufacture EMUs (commuter trains) for the first electrified railways: Baku - Sabunchi in Azerbaijan (1926) and Moscow - Mytischi (1929). The manufacture of metro cars for Moscow Metro began in 1935.

Starting from 1943 the factory was manufacturing SU-76 self-propelled artillery mounts. In 1945 the plant mastered the manufacture of tracked towing vehicles. For exemplary performance of tasks for the theater of operations the enterprise was awarded with the Order of The Patriotic War of the 1st Class, and the challenge banner of the State Defense Committee was transferred to the plant for eternal storage.

In 1972 the plant developed and launched serial production of the motorcar freight trailers for the first time in the country

In 1971 the enterprise was awarded with the Order of the October Revolution for development of manufacture of automotive vehicles. In 1975 the line of telescopic hydraulic cylinders for dumpers was awarded with the Big Gold Medal of the International Leipzig Fair. Metrowagonmash received three State Prizes of the country (in 1951, 1978, and 1996) for creation of a line of high-speed tracked chassis. Currently 18 metro systems in different countries of the World use the cars manufactured in Mytishchi.

General Directors:

S.G. Labunsky1900-1911G.B. Martirosov1943-1944
Poluboyarinov1911M.D. Gorshunov1944-1947
M.G. Filippov1918-1923G.V. Baulin1947-1952
P.V. Druzhinin1923-1927E.A. Dundukov1952-1954
V.A. Zinovyev1927-1930G.A. Vedeniapin1954-1956
A.I. Belents1930-1931M.M. Gorshenin1956-1958
Tokarev1931-1932I.P. Krysin1958-1960
A.B. Khrunichev1932-1937M.G. Vetlitsyn1960-1964
A.A. Myshlenkov1937-1938V.V. Yushkov1964-1969
M.Z. Gavrilov1938-1939A.A. Moschevitin1969-1975
S.S. Ignatov1939-October 1941V.N. Donskov1975-1987
D.F. Pankratov1941-1942Yu.A. Gulko1987-2004