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General Director: Boris Yurievich Bogatyrev

Website: www.oevrz.ru

Company profile

Oktyabrsky Electric Railway Car Repair Plant (OEVRZ) is the oldest railway transport enterprise performing an overall repair and modernization of passenger rolling stock.

Product range

Oktyabrsky Electric Railway Car Repair Plant is an enterprise specializing in repair and modernization of passenger rolling stock for long-distance and suburban lines:

  • overhaul of passenger cars and electric trains;†
  • overhaul and modernization of deluxe passenger trains;
  • overhaul and equipment of special-purpose cars;†
  • overhaul and upgrade of enhanced comfort electric trains;
  • overhaul and modernization of high-speed rolling stock;
  • repair and manufacture of wheel sets.

943 wheel sets were repaired.

Plant structure

Primary facilities:

  • passenger and special-purpose car repair facilities;
  • electric train repair shop;
  • wheel set manufacturing shop;

Auxiliary shops:

  • woodshop;
  • wheel and bogie shop;
  • electric equipment shop;
  • repair and picking shop;
  • car painting shop;
  • repair and assembly shop;
  • power plant;
  • tool shop;
  • experimental products shop;
  • repair and construction shop;
  • warehouse facilities;
  • automotive transport shop;
  • railway shop.

Total staff - 925

Historical background

The history of the plant began with construction of sea-going steamers. The first Russian steamer "Neva" was build at the plant followed by a submarine and ferry steamers "Peter the Great" and "Michael". In the 1830s Alexandrovsky Plant received an order for manufacture of the Apollo Triad for the Alexander Theater, the Glory Chariot for the General Headquarters Arch, structural units and iron castings for the Isaac's Cathedral, for Narva and Moscow Triumph Gates, Gatchina Gate and also several bridges.

In 1844 the plant was transferred to the General Board of Railways and received the name of Alexandrovsky Main Mechanical Plant of St. Petersburg - Moscow Railway. For 20 years Alexandrovsky Plant was the main base of steam locomotive and car construction.

Starting from the 1870s the plant focused mainly on passenger car repair and modernization.

In 1894 Alexandrovsky Plant together with Nicholas Railway was bought by the state and transferred to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Railways. In the beginning of the 20tth century the plant mastered construction of special-purpose cars. In 1913 an armored specially reinforced car ordered by the State Bank was put on rails. From 1914 to 1917 the plant completely switched to furnishing medical and special-purpose trains.

On November 7, 1922 the Nicholas Railway was renamed to the Oktyabrskaya Railway, and the Alexandrovsky Main Mechanical Plant was renamed to the Proletarsky Plant. In 1925 to 1931 the employees of the enterprise performed a huge amount of work: refurbishment and repair of passenger and freight cars, construction of cars, repair of wheel sets, casting and mechanical processing works, platform construction.

In 1931 Proletarsky Plant was renamed into Oktyabrsky Railway Car Repair Plant.

During the Great Patriotic War the enterprise fulfilled orders of the Leningrad Theater of Operations: equipment and making up of medical and armored trains as well as flatcars for gun transportation, manufacturing of ammunition. Later the plant was the first in the country to master repair of all-metal railway cars.

In 1962 the enterprise received the name of Electric Railway Car Repair Plant, and, at last, in 1992 state enterprise OEVRZ was transformed into an Open Type Joint-Stock Company.

Since the 1980s the enterprise successfully worked in its traditional domains: repair and maintenance of Aurora and Krasnaya Strela high-speed trains. Due to modernization of the first ER-200 high-speed electric train performed at the plant, regular high-speed operation was established between Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

Since 1999 the enterprise mastered repair of dining cars, ER-2T and ET-2 electric train ranges. The shops of the plant manufactured "North Star", "Ladoga" and "Baltika" enhanced comfort commuter trains.

A production facility of electric trains overhaul and modernization in accordance with enhanced comfort requirements was established in 2000 on the basis of the special-purpose cars workshop. In the period from 2001 to 2004 the following works were carried out at Oktyabrsky Railway Car Repair Plant: mastering of service life extension overhaul and modernization of electric trains, commissioning of an experimental products shop, opening of non-destructive inspection laboratory, development of interregional train assembly technology and further equipment of dinning cars, technology development of special-purpose diesel trains modernization.

Currently the plant performing high volumes of rolling stock repairs - Overhaul type 2 (KR-2), Overhaul Reconditioning (KVR), Overhaul type 2 and Modernization (KR-2M) and closely cooperates with various railways. The customers of the enterprise are Oktyabrskaya, Moscow, North, Gorkovskaya, South-Ural, West-Siberian, Privolzhskaya and Kuibyshevskaya Railways.

In 2006 the plant launched the overhaul for cars of the deluxe "Nevsky Express" passenger train cruising along Moscow - St.-Petersburg route with the speed of 200 km/h. The plant had also started the manufacturing of passenger car wheel sets, including wheel sets for EMU cars manufactured by Demikhovsky Engineering Plant.

General Directors since 1953

V.S. Gerasimov1953 г. Ц 1978
A.F. Vasiliev1978 г. Ц 2003
S.A. Polichnoy2003 г. Ц 2004
M.A. Gavrilov2004 Ц 2005
B. Yu. Bogatyrevstarting from 2005