General Manager Nikolai Petrovich Simonov

Enterprise Website: www.pdmz.ru

Company profile

Penzadieselmash (PDM) is a large specialized manufacturer of diesel engines and turbo-chargers as well as components for other manufacturers of diesel engines. Since the day of its foundation the site has been and remained until now the only enterprise in the country producing 1,000-1,200 hp diesel engines, D50.

Penza diesel engines are designed for heavy shunting diesel locomotives that are used in mining, metallurgical and other industries and for various purpose sea and river-going ships. Diesel generators are used as stationary and mobile electric power stations. The range of turbochargers for engines pressure charging is very wide. Engine building cannot do without these products.

Diesel engines are manufactured in special workshops. Over the past 57 years since its foundation the diesel enterprise has manufactured more than 20,5 thousand diesel generators and more than 205,000 turbochargers.

During its existence the Penza diesel enterprise has manufactured more than 2200 diesel generators for sea and river-going ships. They are mounted on 27 types of ships, including the famous passenger liner Shota Rustaveli, m/v Sergei Korolyov and Yuri Gagarin, which are involved with space exploration.

Product Range

Diesel engines of two dimensions are produced at the site: 8CHN26/26 and 6CHN31, 8/33.

Major products manufactured at the site are as follows:

  • D50 diesel engines (diesel locomotive engines 1-PD4A, 1-PD4D, 1-PD4V, 1-PD4E; gas diesel generator GFG-50; marine diesel engines D50; stationary electric power stations PD5), diesel engines routine repair and overhaul.
  • Turbochargers (for diesel locomotive engines, marine diesel engines, stationary electric power plants, heavy dump trucks, gas motor compressors), diesel engines routine repair and overhaul.
  • Spare parts for diesel engines and turbochargers and products ordered by group and other manufacturers.

The main types of the products also include water and oil pumps, flexible couplings and modulators, crank shafts, pistons and other products that are being continuously supplied to complete diesel engines D100 that are manufactured by the factory named after V.A. Malyshev (Kharkov) and type 49 diesel engines that are manufactured by the factory named after V.V. Kuibyshev (Kolomna). Together with these products Penzadieselmash has mastered production and manufactures 112 modifications of turbochargers of 10 dimensions for 92 types of diesel and gas engines.

In addition, the enterprise sold spare parts in the amount of nearly RUR 416 million.

Industrial Structure

Manufacturing at the site is carried out both through closed-circuit operation and in cooperation with other producers. Production plant includes metallurgical production, assembly and welding, mechanical assembly, repairs, tooling and blanking (casting and forging) operations. Diesel engines are made in specialized workshops. All in all there are 20 workshops and areas at the site.

Penzadieselmash products are certified by the State Certification Register for Federal Railway Transport. In the near future the enterprise plans to get certification under ISO 9001 Quality Management.

The number of employees at the site is 2,441 people

Historical background

The site was founded by USSR Council of Ministers Decree # 4176-1673 dated November 8, 1948 as an enterprise for production of propulsion diesels: 37D, 33D and 30D for warships (submarines and sea hunters) that were intended for fighting with US submarines.

In 1956 the enterprise focused on production of medium speed 1000-1200 hp diesel engines, type D50 (6CHN31, 8/33) for domestic railway and water transport. The first diesel generator D50S was manufactured on April 26, 1957. At present the site is the only enterprise in Russia producing diesel engines of the above type.

The site was set a significant and important mission to transfer the railway transport from steam to diesel locomotive traction. The enterprise equipped heavy shunting diesel locomotives, which were replacing steam locomotives, with its diesel generators. At present about 8,000 diesel locomotives with Penza diesel generators are operated by Russian and CIS countries railroads.

During virgin land cultivation campaign of 1960 the enterprise was set a task to develop and produce stationary and mobile diesel electric power stations required for electrification of agriculture. In 1960-1961 over 200 of them were delivered to the cultivated areas of the Kazakh SSR.

The site manufactures powerful diesel generators (600 - 690 kW) for various types vessels. During organization of Russian whaling fleet all whalers were equipped with Penza diesel generators as propulsion engines. The site manufactured more than 700 diesel generators for the whaling fleet. In addition more than 360 marine engines were supplied for fishing vessels.

During the period of its activity the enterprise has manufactured about 2,000 marine diesel generators that has been installed on 27 types of sea and river-going vessels.

All in all, since May 1957 the enterprise has manufactured more than 17,000 diesel generators.

In 1959 Penza site started production of turbo air blowers (turbochargers) for diesel boosting. Upon installation of turbochargers the output of diesel engines increases 1,7-2 times. The enterprise began serial production of turbochargers in 1962. They are supplied to all diesel engine manufacturers and enterprises operating diesel engines. Since 1962 about 166,000 turbochargers has been manufactured and sold.

For more than 30 years the enterprise has been exporting its products. At present Penza diesel generators and turbochargers can be found in 60 countries, including the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, India, Spain, France, the Philippines, etc.

The enterprise is continuously improving its products quality and reliability, develops and manufactures new types of diesel machinery. In June 1973 diesel generator PDG1M was awarded the State Quality Mark. Enterprises designers have created new modifications of D49 diesel, 17DG and 18DG, outperforming diesel engine D50 under a number of technical and economic parameters.

In 1996 pursuant to the Russian Federation President Decree OJSC Penzdieselmash was included into the list of joint stock companies manufacturing products of strategic importance for state security.

In recent years the site developed and tested new competitive machinery prototypes and commenced mastering its production. The above include gas diesel electric power plants utilizing natural gas and generating electric power 3 times cheaper than the power generated by conventional methods; gas diesel engines for gas diesel locomotives and other new equipment. Together with Bryansk Engineering Plant Penzdieselmash created the first Russian gas diesel locomotive TEM-18d. Penza gas diesel generators were included into the State Program for provision of gas supply to rail transport sector.

Site General Managers

M.N. Rumyantsev1949-1954V.P. Zhogin1981-1982
S.I. Us1954-1959N.D. Sirotyuk1982-1987
V.A. Ilyashevich1959-1960O.N. Meshcheryakov1987-2001
A.I. Kirichenko1960-1962T.V. Abuzyarov2001-2002
V.A. Ilyashevich1962-1964A. Chevardin 2002-2003
O.N. Sukharev1964-1979S.V. Egorychev2003-2004
V.A. Takhtamysh1979-1981N.P. Simonovsince 2004 till present