Geography of deliveries

Geography of deliveries

ZAO Transmashholding Sales in 2010

In 2010 OAO Russian Railways continued to be a key partner of Transmashholding. Under Railway Sector Development Strategy approved by the Government the Russian Railways are implementing an ambitious program of rolling stock fleet renewal, the major part of that fleet is manufactured by Transmashholding. More than a half of all Holding sales is comprised by RZD share. Almost the whole range of products required by the railroad sector is supplied: freight and passenger electrical and diesel locomotives, passenger coaches, electric multiple units and rail busses. In 2010 for the first time Transmashholding offered to the Russian rail roads passenger coaches for train sets and mainline freight DC electrical locomotives 2ES4K in freight and passenger modifications.

A considerable number of products were manufactured under order of other Russian companies: underground railway companies, independent carriers and industrial enterprises, to which shunting locomotives, electric industrial locomotives and traction units used for transportation at large industrial sites and mines. The major consumers of such products are integrated iron-and-steel works and ore mining and processing enterprises. Hopper wagons were supplied to producers and carriers of grain, cement and mineral fertilizers. In addition, the factories of the Holding manufactured products under orders of the Ministry of Defence and Ministry ofInternal Affairs.

In 2010 Moscow Metro was supplied new metro cars of 81-760/761 model.

About 13% of its production was exported by Transmashholding in 2010.

Transmashholding Export Sales Geography



Shunting locomotives

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Guinea, Lithuania

Mainline diesel locomotives

Belarus, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Lithuania

Electrical locomotives

Ukraine, Kazakhstan

Passenger coaches

Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Freight cars

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia


Metro cars

Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland

Rail busses

Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary

Marine diesel engines

China, Bulgaria

Railway diesel engines

Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Cuba, Uzbekistan


Vietnam, Panama, Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan Spain, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan

Rolling stock repairs

Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Turkmenistan