21 March 2011 y.

Prototype of the new open wagon was developed at BMZ

Prototype of universal open wagon with discharge hatches of 12-3090 model was produced at Bryansk Engineering Plant.

 New wagon has a capacity of 69, 5 tons; body space – 88 cubic meters. The identifying feature of the Bryansk car lies in the fact that it is designed with axle load of 25 tons (majority of serial wagons are designed for 23.5 t of axle load). Open wagon is designated for transportation of cargo, which do not require protection from atmosphere precipitation.

Open wagon is a new product for BMZ. The main specialization of enterprise car production is hopper car manufacturing. Mastering the production of open wagons, Transmashholding expanses the possibilities for sales of its own products.

At the present moment open wagon has passed first stage of preliminary tests, which were executed by the experts of LLC “Rolling stock engineering center” (ECPS, Saint-Petersburg). Braking system and parking brake have passed stationary tests. Open wagon has passed strength test at empty and loaded conditions. Wagon impacting tests and discharge hatches strength check also were included in the planned scope of tests. At the present moment the wagon has been sent for further tests in Tver. Forces, simulating operational loads, will be applied to the wagon at the special bench (stretching – pressing). Open wagon (model 12-3090) tests will be finished by brake tests at a high-speed proving ground of Belorechenskaya station in the Krasnodar Territory.