21 March 2011 y.

Cast wheel centers have successfully passed certification at BSZ

Bezhitsk Steel Foundry has received from Federal Railway Transport Certification Register a certificate of conformance for cast wheel centers, produced at the new steel casting production area.

Received certificate (№ SSFZhT RU.ТМ01.B.07797) has confirmed the high quality of casting, produced at the new area, which was put into operation in September 2010 and equipped with the most up-to-date forming, core and kneading and mixing machinery. Steel cast of wheel centers, produced with the use of innovative technology, features good quality of surface and precise geometrical dimensions.

Certification Register has confirmed compliance of casting to the current safety standards. Casting certification test were executed in special testing centre – Емук Car-Building Institution. Certification procedure includes accurate check of the products for the compliance with enforceable standards for chemical composition, macrostructure and microstructure of steel, fatigue resistance, and mechanical properties. In view of the fact that the cars, equipped with BSZ castings, are operated in the far north conditions, mechanical properties of steel were tested at low temperatures (-60 °С). Certificate validity interval - 3 years.