7 April 2011 y.

Bryansk engineering plant has produced ten thousandth car of 19-3054 model

The biggest enterprise of transport engineering – Bryansk engineering plant  has produced the anniversary ten thousandth hopper car of 19-3054 model.

19-3054 cars differs by variety of modifications. Hoppers are designated for transportation of bulk cargo, which require protection from atmospheric fallout. At the present moment there are several modifications of hopper cars depending on their designation: cement carrier, mineral carrier, grain carrier. Special hopper cars find a quick sale, they are widely used in Russia and other CIS countries.

The main customers are First Freight one, Silvinit, Transgarant, Rusagrotrans, Balt-Trans, Eurochem, Fosagro, Uralkaliy. Carrying capacity of 19-3054 model car is 71 tons, body volume – 94 cubic meters. Hopper are designed for the speed of 120 km/h and depending on the modification can be operated from 26 to 32 years.