12 April 2011 y.

TVZ has sent a prototype of maintenance employee car for a test run

Tver Carriage Works has sent for a test run a prototype of special technical employee’s car mod. 61-4483, designated for escort of ballast trains. Cars are developed in the framework of execution of JSC Russian Railways program for improvement of railway employees working conditions. It was announced by Holding Public Relations Department. A car, developed by this enterprise, ensures comfortable working conditions and rest for railway employees, which provide the maintenance of the train. It is equipped with two two-seat passenger compartments, shower room with water heating system, wareroom, clothes dryer, machine compartment with a powerful compressor.

Power supply from on board diesel generator assembly allows to provide endurance of a car for 30 days. The car is equipped with air conditioner and autonomous boiler diesel burner for the work in various climatic areas. Kitchen is equipped with all the necessary equipment: electric cooker, microwave oven and refrigerator. There is a possibility to connect TV antenna. Special cars are shorter by 8 meters than passenger cars, which are often reequipped for freight trains escort. They are lighter, economic and more easy to use.

The decision on the creation of new specialized cars was made in 2010. Technical assignment was signed in October, and at the same time design and industrial works were started. Production of the prototype was finished in the middle of March, 2011. Test run will be executed at the Murmansk division of Oktyabrskaya railway. An additional point is that TVZ is finishing the production of the second modification of the employee’s car - model 61-4484. It is designated for operation in the trains, consisting of track machines. That modification differs by the absence of compressor room, and number of 6 to 12 railway employees. TVZ signed a contract for supply of 4 cars model 61-4483 and 16 cars model 61-4484 to JSC Russian Railways in 2011. It is expected that state certificate for new cars will be received in October, 2011 and first delivery will be in November-December.