15 April 2011 y.

Transmashholding made a contract for maintenance of 1236 locomotives of Russian Railways in 2011

The contract for maintenance of locomotives was signed between TMH-Service, subsidiary of JSC Transmashholding, and ОАО Russian Railways.

In year 2011 1236 locomotives will be maintained in divisions of TMH-Service, including Yermak (E5К, 2ES5К, 3ES5К) VL85 AC electric locomotives; 2ЭС4К Donchak DC electric locomotives; passenger electric locomotives produced on Kolomensky Zavod (EP2К) and Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (EP1 Series, double – system EP10 passenger electric locomotives), TEM18D, TEP70BC, 2TE116U and other diesel locomotives. Transmashholding company service system includes maintenance of basically all types of locomotives used on the railways in Russia and other former republics of Soviet Union – altogether 19 types. Should there be a necessity to spread the maintenance network to other countries and provide a high quality authorized servicing of the rolling stock belonging to neighboring countries, it can be done promptly.

In 2010 TMH-Service opened two branches – Nizhneudinsky and Bratsky (Vostochno-Sibirskaya railways). This year 5 new branches started their activity: Zapadniy – Velikolukskoye Dno, Novosokolniki (Oktyabrsk railway) depots.; Severo-Zapadniy – Petersburg-Sortirovochniy, Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad railway) depots.; Zapadno-Sibirskiy – Belove and Barabinsk depots, Novosibirsk (Zapadno-Sibirskaya railway); Privolzhskiy – Astrakhan, Sarepta, Maxim Gorky (Privolzhskaya) depots; Dalnevostochniy –Smolyaninovo and Promorskaoye (Dalnevostochnaya railway) depots.

According to the results of 2010 maintenance company managed to increase the availability ratio of the locomotives under technical maintenance by 0,93 - 0,97, thus exceeding the established target ratio by 7,6 percent on average. Improving quality of the rendered services, optimization of logistics system and supplies of spare parts and using new technologies enabled the company to disengage 36,3 thousand of operation hours within time period August – December 2010, i.e. Russian Railways had monthly about 10 extra operable locomotives in their fleet.

Besides, a subsidiary responsible for maintenance of 2Т116UM and TEM18 diesel locomotives produced by Bryansk Engineering Plant and Lugansk Locomotive Building Plant supplied to the railways of Ulan-Bator was established in Mongolia.

 «Organization of company maintenance for locomotives produced throughout many years on plants that are currently parts of Transmashholding is a fundamentally new level in company’s history», - says Valeriy Grinenko, Director General of ООО TMH-Service. – “it will allow to improve the operation quality of the rolling stock, ensure a correct treatment of the equipment and will encourage to minimize the losses of the operation company, ОАО RZD. Our main target is to increase the level of locomotives’ availability ratio. We believe that together with our colleges from other divisions of Transmashholding we will be able to achieve this target already by 2011 with respect to the majority of locomotives taken under maintenance, - adds V. Grinenko.