13 May 2011 y.

Railway employees assess operation of Vityaz positively

Specialists of ОАО Russian Railways and Transmashholding assessed the results of operation run of 2ТE25А Vityaz diesel freight locomotive positively and intend to continue improving it.

Representatives of Russian Railways together with Anatoliy Zadorozhniy, Director General, and Evgeniy Vasyukov, Technical Director, of Bryansk engineering plant took part in discussion of the test results. Railway staff mentioned their satisfaction with all the main characteristics of new 2ТE25А freight two-section 12-axes diesel locomotive with induct drive and axis – to – axis traction control.

In April this year the locomotive completed performance tests on most difficult parts of Vostochno-Sibirskaya and Dalnevostochnaya railways, where it showed its best results. For example, on one of the most difficult parts, on Kuznetsovsky crossing, Vityaz lead the train of unified weight of six tons, indicating lower fuel consumption compared to series locomotives by averagely 15 percent.

Locomotive teams driving the locomotive during the test run gave it their high appraisal. They made a number of offers to improve the structure and maintenance conditions of the locomotive, including the driver’s cab, device and diesel room and chilling chamber. The possibility to create an intermediate section is now under consideration.

2ТE25А Vityaz is the first Russian main line freight locomotive with asynchronous traction engines. A transition to mass use of such cars will help to significantly increase an average weight of locomotive polygon of Russian railways network, decrease the quantity of “bottlenecks”, will enable to improve the infrastructure operation efficiency and reduce the terms of cargo delivery.