7 September 2011 y.

Transmashholding presented new dual-system electric locomotive Ep20 at the exhibition in Schrebinka.

CJSC Transmashholding, the biggest rolling stock manufacturer in Russia, presented its state-of-the-art development, the dual-system passenger electric locomotive EP20, at Expo1520 in Scherbinka.

The electric locomotive was presented in operation. The audience had a possibility to watch it in motion on the Scherbinka railway test track. EP20 is the first dual-system electric locomotive in Russia (capable to haul trains both on AC and DC tracks), which is in addition a high speed locomotive. The locomotive is capable to haul the train at a speed of up to 200 km/h.

The use of dual-system electric locomotives allows not to change locomotive at the locomotive changing points, where railway lines, electrified with different type of current, are connected. That means not only time saving (each locomotive change takes up to 1 hour), but also the saving of depot resources and railway personnel work. Significant cost cutout is achieved by substantially increased runs between repairs and reduced maintenance works.

 The application of dual-system passenger electric locomotives will allow to significantly reduce travel time of the trains on several crowded directions, such as Moscow-Adler, Moscow-Simferopol and Moscow-Brest.

The electric locomotive is developed in cooperation with Transmashholding strategic partner, the French company Alstom Transport, in the joint engineering center TRTrans. It development if the leading project of the big program, which contemplates the development of the 5th generation of electric locomotives for various applications, train sets and type of current. At the present moment TRTrans develops the second locomotive –the mainline freight electric locomotive 2ES5.

EP20 electric locomotive supplies to the Russian Railways shall start in 2012. JSC RZD will get 200 locomotives of this type by 2020.