7 September 2011 y.

Transmashholding presents seven samples of new production at Scherbinka exhibition

CJSC Transmashholding presents a total of seven various samples of rolling stock, created by the company during last years, at the international exhibition “Expo1520”, held in Moscow satellite town Scherbinka.

 The major exhibit is the dual-system passenger electric locomotive EP20, developed by Transmashholding in cooperation with the strategic partner, French company Alstom Transport. This is the first high speed dual-system electric locomotive in the history of the Russian engineering and the leading project in the program of 5th generation of the Russian electric locomotives family development.

 The experts of Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ) have brought to Scherbinka the hood-type shunting diesel locomotive TEM-TMH, which was designed together with the Czech company CZ Loko and Vilnius locomotive repair depot. Locomotive tests, which were finished in spring 2011, demonstrated its efficiency and fail-safety. Diesel locomotive modular design allows to develop diesel locomotive configuration which fully meets the requirements of the customer. The open car of 12-3090 model was also developed at BMZ. This product is new for the plant. The main features of the open car are reinforced design of the top cord, asbestos free shoes and some other special characteristics.

Demikhovsky Engineering Plant presented two new modification of DC EMU train ED4M. The Russian Railways has already received new trains of 2011 version. The designers completely redeveloped the compartment, deployed air conditioning systems in compartments and vestibules, applied new gangways, alarm, video monitoring and diagnostics systems, sealed doors and auxiliary converter of increased capacity.

 ED4M of future version features flat body and absolutely new cab design, application of energy saving equipment, slack-free couplers and video monitoring systems. Tver Carriage Works Тверской offered two models of cars, designated for freight and service train escorting. Such cars provide comfort conditions for work and relax of railway personnel, occupied with train maintenance. They are equipped with compartment, shower rooms with water heating system, wareroom, drying room for clothes, workshop, air conditioner and autonomous diesel boiler burner for operation in different climatic conditions. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances: electric cooker, microwave cooker and refrigerator. There is a possibility for TV antenna connection. The special version was developed for hopper trains escorting. It features the presence of compressor, which is used during unloading.

It is expected that in the coming years Transmashholding will present several new samples of products, including 2ES5, the mainline freight electric locomotive with asynchronous traction drive, and regional double-deck EMU train.