7 September 2011 y.

Year to date sales of resurgent Luganskteplovoz have exceeded one billion hryvnas

Lugansk Diesel Locomotive Plant (Ukraine, a part of CJSC Transmashholding) sold goods and services for the amount, which exceeds one billion UAH (approximately 3.7 billion RUR) for the last eight months 2011. This is more than two times as high as economic results of the same period in 2010.

The enterprise produced 52 sections of mainline freight diesel locomotives 2TE116UM, 12 sections of mainline freight diesel locomotives 2TE116U, 4 sections of AC mainline freight electric locomotives 2EL5, 4 sections of DC mainline freight electric locomotives 2EL4 in 2011. At that enterprise performance in August was three times more than in the previous year (237,79 mln. UAH).

Fast growth of the enterprise capacities load began in April 2011, when the enterprise was integrated in Transmashholding. The major part of its products is manufactured under the contracts concluded by Transmashholding. Diesel locomotives 2ТE116U are purchased by JSC Russian Railways, 2ТE116UМ are procured by Ulan-Bator Railways, operating on the territory ща Mongolia (50% of the Ulan Bator Railway is in the ownership of Russia and under the management of JSC Russian Railways).

In 2011, Luganskteplovoz produces electric locomotives 2EL4 and 2EL5 for the Ukrainian Railways. Those locomotives were developed in cooperation with Transmashholding. Besides that, the delivery of DMU train DEL02, shunting locomotive TEM103 and several EMU trains is expected before the end of the year.

 Attraction of orders from Russia will allow to ensure stable development of the enterprise and respectable salaries for its employees in the years to come. At the present moment Luganskteplovoz is the biggest taxpayer in the city of Lugansk.