7 October 2011 y.

Acceptance procedure for escorting cars of freight and service trains is completed at TVZ

The acceptance commission that was working at Tver Carrige Works (TVZ, affiliated with Transmashholding CJSC), permitted to manufacture the pilot batch of two models of special-purpose cars for freight and service trains escorting. The decision of the acceptance commission and the results of performed tests allow to get a conformity certificate thus making it possible to use new cars on public tracks of JSC Russian Railways and to launch deliveries to the customers.

 Two types of escorting cars were simultaneously developed in the Holding. Car 61-4484 is included in a freight or repair-recovery train and the train service crew and operators of the track maintenance equipment live there while at work. Car 61-4483 – is a special-purpose car designed for hopper trains escorting. It is equipped with a diesel-compressor, which is used at automated car discharging.

It is anticipated that by the end of 2011 the JSC Russian Railways obtains 32 new cars and in 2012 not less than 25 more cars. A special-purpose escorting car provides for comfortable conditions both for work and recreation time of the railway employees involved in maintenance and repair of track facilities. It is equipped with passenger compartments, a shower room with the water heating system, a WC, a store-room, clothes dryer, a workshop. The power supply is arranged from the train diesel-generator set ensuring the car’s self-sustainability over the period of 30 days. The car is equipped with an air conditioner and an autonomous boiler diesel burner allowing to work under different climatic conditions. The kitchen is fitted with an electric cooker, a microwave oven and a fridge. The car is equipped with a TV-antenna which allows to connect a TV-set.

The special-purpose cars are shorter than common passenger cars by 8 m which are often being rebuilt in order to escort the freight trains. They are lighter, more cost effective and much more convenient to use.

Prototype escorting cars were developed at TVZ in the period of 2010 - 2011. In the course of 2011 they passed tests; in September they were on display at the international fair EXPO 1520 in Shcherbinka near Moscow.