14 October 2011 y.

Transmashholding sets up production of metro car bodies on the basis of TVZ

Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, affiliated with CJSC Transmashholding) produced plant’s first ever metro car body, which production is planned to be set up at the plant in the framework of the Holding internal cooperation development.

TVZ experts developed the body of 81-760 model intermediate car, which represents the newest Russian metro trains series. The car is equipped with windows, floor with floorcloth, and noise insulation. The car body was sent to the Transmashholding enterprise, which is specialized on the metro cars manufacturing - Metrowagonmash. The final assembly of the car will be provided here. The car will be included in the train set and handed over to the Customer – Moscow metro. The production of metro car bodies is a brand new direction of work for TVZ, specialized, first of all, on the production of locomotive-hauled passenger cars and special cars for various applications. The schedule, provided for the new production assimilation, was quite tight, but this fact did not keep Tver engineers from assimilation of the new production in a tight deadline. Transportation of the produced car body to the Moscow region was provided by the highway transport. For this purpose, car-carrying trailers, providing the possibility to transport a car with a length of 24 meters, were purchased; the road from the plant’s gatehouse to the Saint-Petersburg highway was extended; the problem with the cargo transportation at night time, when the city streets are not loaded with the transport, is solved.

 It is planned, that TVZ will produce more than 30 car bodies by the end of 2011. The issue, regarding partial execution of assembling and interior furnishing of the cars at Tver Carriage Works, is under consideration.

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