1 December 2011 y.

Transmashholding started deliveries of comfortable cars for RZD track maintenance personnel

Special Rolling Stock escort railcar models 61-4483 and 61-4484 are developed in 2011 at Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, JSC which is a subsidiary of Transmashholding) at the request of Track Department of JSC Russian Railways (RZD). On Tuesday, November 29, TVZ shipped the first batch of six 61-4483 model cars, and the second batch of twelve 61-4484 model cars was shipped to the customer on Wednesday, November 30.

Escort railcars for special purpose Rolling Stock (SRS) are designed to be operated as a part of freight train at 1520mm gage tracks both at electrified and not electrified lines. Such railcars are used to accommodate train security people or a maintenance team of 4, 6 or 8 persons, and ensure comfortable conditions for work and leisure time. The cars are equipped with regular and emergency lighting, fire distinguishing, water supply, heating and conditioning systems. They have two-passenger and four-passenger compartments, workroom, utility space with shower and hot water supply system, toilet, drying room for clothes and kitchen dining room fitted with necessary appliances: a fridge, hot plate and microwave oven. The power supply in SRS cars is provided by on-board diesel genset that can ensure car independence and its operation in various climatic conditions.

Car 61-4483 is designed to escort ballast car trains and on top of the above appliances is equipped with a diesel-compressor unit that is used during automated wagons dump. In other words, SRS cars are equipped with everything necessary to enable modern conditions of work and accommodation for maintenance teams.

 Real need of SRS cars at Russia railways is very high as far as current escort cars fleet operated at rail lines is about 8.5 thousand units which are by nature overage passenger coaches fully renovated and customized to operate as escort rolling stock. According to the contractual agreements, Tver Carriage Works will deliver 43 escort railcars for special purpose rolling stock to JSC RZD until the year end.