26 December 2011 y.

Transmashholding will deliver 2500 open cars to Kuzbassrazrezugol in 2012

CJSC Transmashholding concluded a lump-sum contract with one of the biggest Russian companies, involved in the coal mining business – JSC HC Kuzbassrazrezugol. Holding will supply 2500 open cars of the 12-3090 model, which are produced at Bryansk Engineering Plant in 2012. 

 The conclusion of the contract with Kuzbassrazrezugol will allow to load fully the BMZ car production during 2012.

Open car of the 12-3090 model is the new type of product for the enterprise and HoldingThe development and certification of the open car were finished in 2011; the supplies to the consumers started in autumn of this year.

 Besides open cars, Bryansk Engineering Plant produces freight cars of other types (hopper cars and container platforms); mainline freight and shunting diesel locomotives; it is the only low speed marine diesel engines manufacturer in Russia.