15 February 2012 y.

OEVRZ will produce 102 cars for Saint-Petersburg metro in three years’ time

Oktyabrskiy Electric Railway Car Repair Plant (OERVZ, Saint-Petersburg, a part of CJSC Transmashholding), won a GUP Peterburjskiy metropoliten tender for supply of new 81-717/714 metro cars.

102 metro cars of 81-717/714 will be manufactured for St.-Petersburg metro. The project is designed for three years and considers production of 24 cars in 2012 and 78 cars in 2013-2014. Among technical features, which differ the trains of JSC OEBRZ production are electronic route indicator on the head cars, comfortable arrangement of a driver’s cab, equipped with air conditioner and vibration-absorbing seat. Train control panel is a modern unit, equipped with colour touch screen.

 Materials, which will be used in an interior trim, ensure rubbing endurance and full removal of pollutants, unauthorized handwritings and advertisements. Passenger seats also will be of vandal-proof modification.

Air ducts and ventilation grids design will ensure equal distribution of the air flow in the passenger compartment.

Outside the side wall the cars will be equipped with devices, which prevent the fall of passengers between the cars.

The plant successfully mastered assembly of metro cars in 2010. By doing that it became the third manufacturer of the rolling stock for metro in Russia, transforming from the repair enterprise.