13 March 2012 y.

Metrowagonmash will build 682 metro cars for Moscow metro within two years

Metrowagonmash plant located in Moscow-area (town of Mytishchi in the Moscow Region, a part of CJSC Transmashholding) will deliver 682 new metro cars in total to Moscow metropolitan in 2012-2013 under the signed contract.

 The most of the rolling stock ordered by Moscow metro are the cars of the up-to-date 81-760/761 series.

In this year the metropolitan will receive 320 such cars as well as 20 cars of 81-740.4/741.4 “Rusich” model. In 2013 the plant will manufacture 312 more 81-760/761 and 30 - 81-740.4/741.4 cars for the capital metropolitan railway. It is expected that the first new series cars will be delivered to Moscow metropolitan by the end of March 2012.

Cars of 81-760/761 model resulted from the recent developments of the domestic metro car-building industry. They are equipped with a HVAC system of the passenger saloon, a video surveillance system ensuring the picture transmission to the situation center. For the first time the air decontamination system was incorporated in the new car design. Passenger saloons are equipped with individually driven doors, electronic route displays, LCDs. In cars there is space reserved for baby strollers.

 The new series cars are equipped with the bogies providing for smooth running, abatement of noise and impact on the track. Use of these cars ensures operating costs reduction (by 40%) and electricity saving – state-of-the-art asynchronous traction drives are incorporated in the car construction thus providing for energy saving. Furthermore, 81-760/761 train acceleration time up to 80 kph is just 27 sec. against 40 sec. of the cars being taken out of service.

The new car bodies are manufactured of stainless steel. “Rusich” cars constitute the rolling stock being produced since 2005 and put into operation not only in Moscow but also in Kazan and in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. A HVAC system is installed in the car saloons; the doors are equipped with the anti-jam system, up-to-date passenger information systems are installed.

The new rolling stock will be used to replace the worked-out cars and to be in operation in the new metropolitan lines.