15 March 2012 y.

Transmashholding sales increased in 2011 by 38%

As per Transmashholding PR Department, the company revenue on sales of goods and services increased by 38% versus 2010 sales up to RUR 106.3 bln., as preliminary figures show.

The most significant growth of company sales in high-tech products market segment was demonstrated by mainline diesel locomotives (by 59%, from 96 up to 152 locomotive sections), mainline electric locomotives (by 10%, from 378 up to 413 locomotive sections), shunting diesel locomotives (by 33%, from 95 up to 126 locomotives), and metro cars (by 16%, from 298 up to 343 cars). Sales of electric locomotives for industrial purposes increased than in two times from 15 up to 33 locomotives.

In 2011 the company delivered to its customers 4652 freight wagons versus 3166 wagons in 2010 (47% growth).

Such positive result was mainly obtained owing to the extension of rolling stock fleet renewal programs under implementation by the customers of the company, including its key partner JSC Russian Railways. In 2011 Transmashholding presented a number of new products prototypes, including a high-speed dual-voltage passenger electric locomotive EP20, and DP-S DMU designed for Serbian Railways, as well as 61-4483 and 61-4484 escort railcar models for freight and utility trains, and 12-3090-series open cars.