12 April 2012 y.

Transmashholding supplies 16 TEM-TMH diesel locomotives to the Baltic states in 2012 – early 2013

Pursuant to the signed contracts, Transmashholding shall supply 16 TEM-TMH modular shunting diesel locomotives to Lithuanian Railways and port of Sillamae (Estonia) by the end of the first quarter of 2013.

Under the contract, Transmashholding shall transfer TEM-TMH diesel locomotives to its partner – Vilniusian Locomotive Repair Deport, performing final assembly and adjustment, whereafter diesel locomotives are delivered to customers. All locomotives are fitted with Caterpillar diesel engine meeting requirements of Euro IIIA ecological standard.

It is for the first time, when Transmashholding launched production of TEM-TMH shunting diesel locomotive of hood type. It is made jointly with Vilniusian Locomotive Repair Deport and Czech company CZ LOKO on the base of TEM18 locomotive. Loco has a hood type carbody and consists of six functional modules: electrical module, driver’s cab; genset module; auxiliary drive module, cooling unit and pneumatics module. If necessary, the modular structure allows to vary performance of locomotive and its cost.

Cab provides for sound working conditions for a driver. It is fitted with two soft seats, an air conditioner, a microwave oven and a refrigerator. Locomotive structure ensures optional installation of remote control and video surveillance systems and etc. A large area of windows ensures good visibility for a driver.

TEM-TMH can significantly increase effectiveness of shunting operations on railway, as well as in the context of industrial operators. Experience has shown that, in comparison with mass diesel locomotives, TEM-TMH provides up to 37% fueling saving at shunting modes and up to 45% at freight modes. Reliable structure and innovative technical solutions provide for maintenance and repair costs decrease.

TEM-TMH diesel locomotives have been supplied to the Baltic countries since 2010. At the present moment total of 17 locomotives are operated on Lithuanian railways, as well as one - in port of Sillamea.