26 April 2012 y.

Transmashholding spends ca. RUR 400 mio for occupational safety and health in 2012

KRUR 398.396,- should be spent for occupational safety and health in the Holding’s entities, which is 6 times as much as in 2008. 

 The general injury rate is reduced at Transmashholding sites by 2,5 times within the recent three years. Twice less injuries are in the record keeping. No accidents have been recorded at PC KMT and Demikhovsky Engineering Plant for 3 years.

In order to diminish and to prevent the workplace injuries, arrangements for main industrial safety aspects are implemented inclusive of health service, purchasing of new equipment to improve working conditions, assessment of workplaces, provision of up-to-date working clothing and safety shoes as well as personal protective gear.

To reduce the effect of harmful occupational factors, technological innovations are introduced ensuring injury rate decrease and elimination of occupational diseases. For example, RUR 80 million have been reserved for occupational safety and health needs at Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. In the plant steel foundry, the “Fascon” process is implemented enabling the personnel to manufacture steel casting molds and cores made of cold-hardening compound. This would provide for elimination of pollutant emissions as well as reduced waste generation. Dust-collecting units shall be installed and put into operation on knock-out grids in the molding area; the air cleaning efficiency factor of such units makes up from 95% to 98%. To improve internal environment, a state-of-the-art-type forced air cooling system (thermal protection from the open furnace gates) is implemented in Demikhovsky Engineering Plant foundries. Exhaust ventilation is installed to diminish the harmful effect from chemical agents.

At Tver Carriage Works, an overall modernization has been carried out in the course of recent years, as a result of which the whole manufacturing process changed completely. For instance, if previously several dozens of welders have been involved in the carriage side wall assembly/welding process, whose working conditions were considered as unhealthful, now an automated complex can successfully manage this operation thus enabling employees to work under more safe conditions, which improved in the workshop dramatically.

 Transmashholding management is one in thinking that the manufacturing quality of complex products (such as railroad equipment) depends directly from the high standard adherence in regard of working conditions.

“Workplace safety maintenance is one of the development priorities for the company management and shareholders”, - as Mr. Andrey Andreyev, the Transmashholding General Director, says. – “It is widely thought in the company that the employee performance is directly contingent on his working conditions.”