4 June 2012 y.

Metrowagonmash accomplished the contract execution

2012 On June 1, 2012 Metrowagonmash plant performed its obligations to Minsk subway ahead of schedule by sending out the final batch consisting of 5 81-717.5М/ 81-714.5М metro cars to the customer’s address.

Under the terms of the contract signed in March 2012, the plant in Mytishchi manufactured altogether 25 cars of this version; they will be operated at three new stations. 81-717.5М/ 81-714.5М cars comply with the valid technical requirements in regard of the fire and electrical safety as well as ecological cleanliness. For the car saloon and driver’s cabin interior, fire-resisting and not easily combustible materials are applied. At the customer’s option, the cars are equipped with a radio station ensuring the driver’s communication with the subway control center and the traffic safety system. For the first time ever, a video surveillance system and pneumatic door mechanisms of enhanced reliability with extended service life are installed in the cars.

Metrowagonmash cooperates with Minsk subway from the moment of its unveiling in 1984. At the time being, ca. 75% car fleet in Belorussian capital are cars produced in Mytishchi.