10 July 2012 y.

EP20-002 Locomotive Sent to Belorechensk for Testing

Dual system passenger electric locomotive EP20 created at Novocherkassk Locomotive Plant in cooperation with French company Alstom Transport, was sent to Belorechenskaya-Maykoptest track of North-Caucasian Railroad.

The locomotive is to undergo dynamic tests at speeds 140 to 160 kph. Complex dynamic track impacttests will be performed at the same time. Upon the tests, the locomotive bogie will be tested at speed 200 to 220 kph at Moscow – St. Petersburg line of Oktyabyrskaya Rail road that allows achieving such speeds.

The locomotive is planned to be back to Russian Research and Development Locomotive Institute (JSCVELNII) for the final stage of Certification tests.

EP20 is a core product of a locomotive platform to be a basis for a family of passenger and freight electric locomotives of various types. Platform concept of new generation locomotives will enable to get 85% of takeover forsub-assemblies and systems of future passenger locomotives EP2 and EP3, and 70-75%for freight locomotives 2ES4 and 2ES5

On 27 May, 2010, TMH and JSC Russian Railways signed the contract for delivery of 200 EP20 locomotives in 2012-2020 to meet the needs of the railway company.

36 locomotives are planned to be delivered to JSCRZD in 2012-2013 and to be used to organize passenger transportation between Moscow and Sochi in future and during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.