18 July 2012 y.

TVZ Completed Design of Double-Deck Passenger Coaches

Detail design documents for all models of double-deck coaches have been submitted for production at Tver Carriage Works.

In accordance with the supply contract for double-deck coaches signed by Tver Carriage Works and JSC RZD in December 2010, four types of passenger coaches must be designed: a staff compartment car, a restaurant car, a four-bed compartment car and a two-bed compartment car.

A compartment coach with 64 sleeping berths (16 four-bed compartments) was designed and manufactured first. Then detail design documents were prepared for a double-deck staff compartment car equipped with a special radio compartment for a train manager to communicate with all coaches and stations. A staff compartment car consists of 12 four-bed compartments. A separate compartment and one of WCs are designated for a disable passenger and his accompanying person. Further, a double-deck restaurant car was manufactured with a dining hall for 44 passengers and a bar for 6 seats, fitted with all necessary equipment to cook hot meals and provide catering to almost all train passengers. A two-bed compartment was the last launched into production.

At the present moment, prototypes of a restaurant car and a two-bed compartment car are being constructed, and prototypes of staff compartment cars are undergoing a set of tests necessary to obtain a compliance certificate.

As per the contract, in 2013, TVZ will supply to Russian Railways 50 double-deck coaches: 4 staff compartment cars (61-4472 model), 4 restaurant cars and 42 cars of 61-4465 model – 38 four-bed compartment coaches and 4 two-bed compartment coaches. They will form two trainsets to be operated at Moscow-Adler route, including transportation of participants and guests of 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.