26 July 2012 y.

BSZ Received Certificates for Electric Locomotive Wheel Center Casting

LLC PC Bezhitsa Steel Foundry has received compliance certificates for disk and box-type wheel center casting for electric locomotives from Federal Railway Transport Certification Register.

As far as, these molds are a part of one of the most critical units of electric locomotives, certificate procedure foresees a thorough testing of compliance with the fixed norms: chemical content and steel microstructure, impact strength, durability, mechanical features and possible operation with low temperatures. The certificate confirms high quality and compliance of products made by Bezhitsa steel workers with current safety standards.

Wheel centers manufactured at BSZ are used for electric locomotives of Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant and Kolomensky Zavod.

Wheel centers are new for Bezhitsa Steel Foundry products, manufacturing of which was deployed in 2011. At that year, the first compliance certificate for spoke wheel center casting was received. Thus, currently, all wheel center line has been certified, that permits the enterprise to produce and sell these products to consumers. Certification validity is 3 years.