20 July 2012 y.

Acceptance Tests of International Sleeping Coaches have been Started at TVZ

Acceptance tests of international RIC sleeping coaches developed together with Siemens have been started at TVZ.

61-4476 model coach designed for operations at international routes has been built in Vienna. It has already successfully passed climatic tests on the basis of a unique Vienna-Arsenal chamber and now in Russia it will have to undergo full cycle preliminary (acceptance) and certification tests.

Acceptance tests include tests for compliance of the coach with weight and dimensions standards. Structural-load capacity is estimated under various load conditions (so called impact tests). In addition, braking tests and tests on the line (dynamic and strength) to be run both at the site and at testing facilities of Oktyabrskaya Railroad are expected. In the course of trials effectiveness of all safety systems and life support facilities, such as alarm system, fire extinguishing equipment, electricity and water supply systems, ventilation and air-conditioning, lightning and heat supply, will be tested.

RIC (Reglamento Internazionale delle Carrozze) coaches are designed for international carriages and are intended for both Russian infrastructure and the one meeting requirements of the European Union. Electrical equipment of the car is designed for electric current of five different voltages applied in the catenary of Russia and other European countries. Electrical equipment performances will be proved by several tests for compliance with Russian and European requirements for coaches operation. The coach will be also tested for compliance with all international requirements related to sanitary standards, passenger comfort, fire security, safety of operation and environment.

Upon tests completion and certification finalization serial production of RIC coaches will start. Under the contract 200 coaches will be delivered to Russian Railroads by the end of 2014.

вагон РИЦ.JPG