31 July 2012 y.

Kolomensky Factory Delivered Double Diesel Unit

Kolomensky Factory (Moscow Region, enters into ZAO Transmashholding) delivered to Amursky Sudostroitelny Zavod (Komsomolsk-on-the-Amur) the first Double Diesel Unit DDA 12000 for main power plant of multirole patrol craft of project 20380 marine zone of corvette class the SOVERSHENNY.

 Holding Public Relations Department informed. In the near future the second Double Diesel Unit (the power plant of each corvette consists of two units) will be delivered to the shipyard.

DDA 12000 was developed by Kolomensky Factory specialist on order of FGUP (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) CENTRAL MARINE DESIGN BUREAU ALMAZ for the Russian Navy. The SOVERSHENNY will be the fifth ship of corvette series of 20380 project. The first two ships, the STEREGUSCHY (delivered to the Navy in 2008) and the SOOBRAZITELNY (delivered to the Navy in 2011) are already in-commission status. In addition, at present the shipbuilding facility SEVERNAYA VERF (Saint-Petersburg) is building two corvettes of modernized 20381 project, the BOIKY and STOIKY.

 The corvette of 20380 project is one of the few modern navy ships in Russia which are produced in series. In 2011 the designers and manufacturers team was awarded with Russian Government Prize for science and engineering. Chief Engineering Designer of OAO Kolomensky Zavod, Doctor of Science, Professor Valery Ryzhov is among those who got the award.

Double Diesel Units fulfill the function of the ship’s main power plant. Each DDA consists of two 16D49 diesel engines and reverse gear block. The feature that define DDA is high power at reverse modes while minimum consumption of fuel and oil. It is equipped with modern microprocessor control system and key parameters control system.

The ships of 20380 project are designed for patrolling coast waters, escort and anti-submarine operations; to develop the above vessels technologies ensuring for stealth capability were widely used.

At present Kolomensky Zavod participates in several projects of the Russian Navy related to construction of naval surface ships and submarines. Specific attention is paid to equipment of new diesel engines with automatic control systems, which are designed on a modern element base using brand new software.

Simultaneously with improvement of serial engines a Kolomensky Zavod team works on development of new standard series multipurpose diesel engines D500 with the power range from 4 MW to 7 MW. The design of a new diesel engine takes into account advanced requirements of customers. The project is implemented within the Federal Special Purpose Program “National Technological Base” under the Sub-Program “Development and Industrialization of Diesel Engines and their Components in the Russian Federation in 2011-2015”.