24 December 2012 y.

Manufacture of Diesel Driven Generating Sets for the Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Station Completed at Kolomensky Zavod

Kolomensky Zavod (incorporated in CJSC Transmashholding) completed manufacture of diesel-generator sets for the standby power supply system of power plant unit No. 4 being built at the Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Station (town of Zarechny, the Sverdlovsk Region). In the past 20 years, these are the first diesel-generator sets with a capacity of over 1 MW of domestic production delivered to the Russian nuclear power plants.

By order of OJSC Atomenergomash, Kolomensky Zavod has developed and produced a package of diesel driven generating sets consisting of two DGU4000-gensets with a capacity of 4000 kW and three DGU3200-gensets with a capacity of 3200 kW, designed for reliable power supply of the NPP in case of external supply failure, in order to ensure normal reactor shutdown and its subsequent safe condition upkeep. DGU3200 and DGU4000 sets passed the necessary tests provided by the rules and norms in regard to NPP equipment, which confirmed their compliance with the customer technical specification. Since September 2012, OAO Kolomensky Zavod is dispatching gradually the equipment accepted by the customer, and is to perform supervising installation during putting them into operation in 2013.

The DGU is fitted with 16ChN26/26 diesel engine as propulsion unit, which has been developed basing on D49 engine standard series. In the design of the DGU, they made use of experience collected in the course of standby engine development for the NPP in Busher as well as 10D49 engine development for Navy ships. Automatic control systems ensure that the full package is able to operate automatically without operations staff involvement.

At present, there is no alternative to combined piston engines applied for safe standby power supply at NPPs and nothing is in view for a long enough time. Kolomensky Zavod carries out engineering works aimed at development of a basic standby diesel-generator set with a single-unit capacity of 6300 kW to supply safety channels basing on the single diesel engine. This engine is designed to be used at NPPs with electrical power units of AES2006 and VVER TOI types. Within the framework of the Federal Target Program for Engine Building Development in Russia, a new diesel-generator set is being developed at the plant right now, basing on a ChN26,5/31V-engine with 20 cylinders, with a nominal output of 6300 kW. The development works are performed with due regard to all statutory requirements as to the advanced standby diesel-generator sets of nuclear power plants.

The Government of the Russian Federation set a task to bring the share of nuclear electric power generation to 25-30% of the total power generation by 2030 (nowadays, it is 16%). There are plans to construct 26 nuclear power plant units all together.

OAO Kolomensky Zavod has the license to perform engineering and manufacturing of equipment for nuclear power plants and references on production of NPP diesel-generator sets. In 2004, a conceptually new fully-automatic Safety Class II power plant unit for Busher-1 NPP in Iran was developed, which passed the standard tests validating its compliance with the RD EO 0052-00 regulation as well as with the US IEEEStd387-1995 standard currently in effect in nuclear power industry. At the present time, Kolomensky Zavod is the only one manufacturer of standby diesel-generator sets for NPPs in Russia.