30 January 2013 y.

New TK32-11 Turbocharger Is Developed at Penzadieselmash

Penzadieselmash (PDM, part of CJSC Transmashholding)developed TK32-11 turbochargerand launched production thereof.This was conveyed by the Holding’s PR Department.

A distinguishing design feature of TK32-11 isthe innovative rotor design with a pinned shaft providing for the higher grade and reliability of the rotor wheel connectionwith half-shafts.

As compared with other models, rotor time lag of TK32-11 is twice less, which results in fuel-burn improvementand gas cool-down before the turbine attransient processes. Substantialthroughput increase with the reduced wheel diameter allowed to save turbocharger weight by one third.

The new TK32-11 turbocharger is designed to be installed on 18-9DG diesel-generator set of Kolomensky Zavod production used to assemble main line freight 2TE116U diesel locomotives .

2TE116Ulocomotives manufactured by Luganskteplovoz plant are operated on the Russian railways, Ulan Bator railway, and in CISand Baltic chantries.