22 March 2013 y.

Axle Rolling Bearings Operated Effectively at TEM18DM Diesel Locomotive

Results of preliminary operation of axle rolling bearings designed by engineers from the Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, part of Transmashholding) proved their effectiveness in application at TEM18DM shunting locomotive. This information is according to Holding’s PR Department.

The technical state of axle rolling bearings integrated in TEM18DM No. 581 diesel locomotive, which is allocated to Sverdlovsk-Passazhirskiy operating locomotive depot, was monitored during 14 months. No comments on the axle rolling bearing performance were given in the course of the locomotive operation.

Application of axle rolling bearings reduces operating costs due to elimination of maintenance and axle bearing repairs on wheelset and motor blocks during the operation process. Cost reduction occurs due to axle oil elimination and absence of seasonal oil change necessity (according to depot, the average axle oil consumption at TEM18DM locomotives with an axle friction bearing is up to 149 kg per year). Decrease of the main specific train resistance and the traction capacity factor cut fuel consumption and improve diesel locomotive performance. Axle rolling bearing installation enhances reliability and service life both of the tractive motor and of the gear box. Wheelset axle service endurance rises.

Calculated data of fuel consumption per 100 locomotive-kilometer and of fuel consumption per hour of the diesel locomotive with an integrated axle rolling bearing is lower than similar values shown by the control group of TEM18DM locomotives by 6,6 % and 5,6% respectively.

The further operation of TEM18DM No.581 locomotive with axle rolling bearings will proceed. Further in 2013, plans call for manufacturing four more TEM18DM shunting locomotives with axle rolling bearings and one 2TE116U main line freight diesel locomotive to carry out field tests.