11 April 2013 y.

BSZ Obtained a New Certificate for Freight Car Cautioning Units

Bezhitsa Steel Foundry (OAO PO Bezhitsa Steel, incorporated in JSC Transmashholding) obtained the conformity certificate for PMKP-110 cushioning units of T1 Class from the Federal Railway Transport Certification Register (FRTCR).

The certificate is valid over 3 years.

Cushioning units are installed on freight cars and designed to buffer bumps on automatic couplings and car frames occurring during the train movement.

As compared with the cushioning units of previous series, PMKP-110 device features significantly higher energy consumption and reliability. It is achieved due to use of polymeric elastic elements instead of spring sets in the construction, as well as to placing the wear-resistant ceramic-metal plates on the wear surfaces.

In case of PMKP-110, no preceding breaking in is required to achieve the standard energy consumption, thereby the car is secured from damages starting from the first bumps. Design features of the unit prevent the premature wear of couplings making the rail transport operation more efficient, cost saving and safe.

This unit does not require any maintenance; its maintenance-free operation lasts for 16 years. PMKP-110 cushioning unit of T1 Class is developed by scientific development and production enterprise ‘Diprom’ on the scientific base of Bryansk State Technical University with direct involvement of engineers from Bezhitsa Steel Foundry. The batch fabrication was established in 2005.