27 May 2013 y.

Kolomna Plant Manufactured Five Hundredth 18-9DG Diesel-Generator

JSC Kolomna Plant has sent the five hundredth in succession 18-9DG diesel-generator to Lugansk Diesel Locomotive Plant.

18-9DG sixteen cylinder four-stroke medium-speed diesel engines of output 2650 kW have been installed on 2TE116U freight diesel locomotive being an upgraded version of 2TE116 diesel locomotive. 18-9DG diesel generator improves locomotive performance, as well as increases train speed and trainset weight.

18-9DG diesel-generator has doubled overhaul life equal to 2,4 million km. run versus its prototype.

18-9DG diesel engine serial production was launched in 2003. 2TE116U diesel locomotives with 18-9DG diesel generators are operated on a great many railways in Russia.