17 July 2013 y.

The first batch of double deck carriages goes to Caucasis

Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, part of CJSC Transmashholding) delivered the first double-decker train to OJSC Federal Passenger Company (FPC).

There are 15 carriages in the train set: 12 compartment coaches, one staff car, one two-berth sleeper and one dining car.

It is expected that the cars will be assigned to Adler passenger car depot (the North Caucasian branch of FPC) to be operated on routs connecting the Central Russia with Black Sea resorts in the future.

By the end of 2013, TVZ will manufacture 50 double-deckers for the Russian railways in total – three train sets and the reserve.

The double deck carriages constitute a principally new rolling stock in Russia. They are developed to support the railways to enhance the passenger traffic intensity and cost effectiveness.

The passenger capacity of the new sleeping car with 4-berth compartments is 64 berths, of the two-berth sleeper – 30 berths, of the staff carriage – 50 berths (including 2 specially fitted berths for one incapacitated passenger and the accompanying person). In the dining saloon located on the second deck of the dining car, 48 passengers can be accommodated at the same time, and 6 more persons in the bar on the first deck.

All cars are manufactured with the use of energy-efficient technologies. The centralized power supply offers the possibility to reduce the power consumption by 35―40%. As compared with conventional cars, the double-deckers provide for significant operation cost savings.

At present, TVZ proceeds working on development of double-deckers with seats. The first prototypes are expected to be built in 2015.