29 July 2013 y.

A modern line for casting moulds production was started at BSZ

A new automatic mould line enabling considerable increase of plant’s production capacity was commissioned at Bezhitsk steel foundry (BSZ, CJSC Transmashholding Group), as reported by the Holding Public Relations Department.

The high-profile ceremony dedicated to the new line startup was attended by Transmashholding General Director Andrey Andreyev, Bryansk Region Governor Nikolai Denin and Plant General Manager Valery Voronin.

Commissioning of the mold line is the most important stage of BSZ modernization program, the purpose of which is a significant increase of production capacity and ensuring for absolutely high quality of manufactured products.

The new line will allow producing of 23 high quality moulds for heavy castings per hour, the previous corresponding capacity was 18 moulds.

The automatic mould line comprises molding-sand preparation equipment, automated transport system and core equipment (for production of in-process mould elements ensuring for mold cavities). Simultaneously new casting furnaces are commissioned. The industrial complex may use brand new high-strength moulding sand making it possible to produce highly precise moulds for casting.

The new industrial complex will ensure for considerable improvement of employees labour conditions and environmental impact mitigation. Moulding equipment is fitted with a modern by-product gas pollution neutralization system. Low-noise casting furnace complex includes gas-cleaning installation with a tail gas incinerator.

“Personnel operating the new line consist of young people having secondary specialized and high education”, BSZ General Manager Valary Voronin noted. “It is fitting that such employees define even today the tomorrow of the site, our holding and home industry on the whole”.

To complete BSZ production complex reconstruction it will be required to put into operation equipment at several other technological processes like: thermal cropping, ladle furnace and ladle machine. Upon modernization completion the site capacity will increase more than twice, up to 126 thousand tons of casting per annum. It is expected that as early as 2014 the plant will produce 70 thousand tons of various casting.

“Modernization of Bezhitsk steel foundry is one of the largest recent Transmashholding investment projects, its total cost is more than RUB 6 billion, A.Andreyev reported. As a result, we will have practically new, modern and high-technology metallurgical enterprise”.

Bezhitsk steel foundry is one of the largest Russian manufacturers and suppliers of the car casting used at Transmashholding sites, many repair facilities of OAO Russian Railroads and coach building works in Russia and CIS.