16 August 2013 y.

Metrowagonmash and Moscow Metro Signed 30 year Maintenance Agreement for 81-760/761 Metro Cars

Metrowagonmash, a plant located in Moscow Region (Mytishchy town, Moscow Region, an entity of JSC Transmashholding), and Moscow Metro have signed a Maintenance Agreement to maintain a fleet of 248 metro cars 81-760/761 series.

Under the Agreement, Metrowagonmash shall guarantee daily availability of 29 trains (232 metro cars) on a metro line in fully operational condition. The plant shall fulfill all scheduled maintenance and repair operations when due. 

The cars covered with the Agreement comprise the fleet allocated to Novogireevo Metro Depot and are operated on Kalininskaya Line of Moscow Metro (a yellow line).

For Moscow Metro, this Agreement is the first experience of a maintenance contract signed for a full service life of rolling stock. Service provider (Metrowagonmash) will ensure availability of metro cars within 30 years. 

As expected, the life cycle contract will allow Moscow Metro to reduce direct maintenance and repair costs, remove non-core activity and improve fleet availability. Permanent engagement of metro cars manufacturer with maintenance and repair processes will enable fast and efficient implementation of necessary changes enhancing passenger comfort and safety level.

Moscow Metro started operation of 81-760/761 metro cars in 2012. Metro cars of 81-760/761 series are the latest development of Russian metro rolling stock industry. Passenger saloons of the cars are equipped with HVAC system, video surveillance system transmitting pictures to a situation center, electronic display showing the route and LCDs. It is for the first time when local metro cars are designed with an air disinfection system. Car architecture integrates up-to-date asynchronous traction drive, microprocessor-based control system, and bogies of new design assuring smooth and low-noise running of the train. Cars have stainless steel carbodyshell.