20 August 2013 y.

Transmashholding has a 35 per cent turnover increase in the first half of 2013

The Holding’s sales of goods and services grew by 35 % as of the first half of 2013 as compared with the same period last year and brought it over 70 billion rubles. 

The increment is stated in the essential segments: freight mainline electric locomotives – by 28% (249 sections vs. 195). Sales of passenger mainline electric locomotives increased by 24% (from 41 up to 57 units). Production of shunting locomotives grew twofold – from 51 up to 102 units. Sales of freight mainline diesel locomotives increased by 65 % (from 68 up to 112 sections). Metro car turnover improved by 71% (from 137 up to 234 cars).