23 September 2013 y.

TVZ Received New Certificates for Passenger Constant Formation Coaches

Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, a part of CJSC Transmashholding) has received compliance certifi-cate from Federal Railway Certification System for 61-4458 model passenger coaches with seats, 61-4462 model passenger two-bed compartment coaches and 61-4463 model staff compartment cars. 

In the near future, it is planned to certify 61-4464 model (restaurant car) and 61-4447 model (open plan car).

Due to certification of five models, it will be possible to form complete passenger train sets. Commencement of coaches serial production is scheduled in September, 2013. In total, output of 99 coaches is anticipated for constant formation trains this year.

New cars for constant formation trains are equipped with air-tight gangways and slack-free cou-plers. Thanks to these technical solutions, passengers will be provided with comfortable condi-tions: air-tight gangways will protect from dust and moisture when walking on train set, decrease noise in cars, and slack-free couples dramatically decrease train set vibration from couplers.

Centralized power supply is provided via high-voltage static converters in constant formation trains. This simplifies running maintenance procedure (due to exclusion from design of under-floor electric generator). For the first time, centralized power supply was used for cars of Nev-zsky express train in 2001, later in trains Red arrow and Capital express and thus proved its safe-ty and cost effectiveness.

All constant formation cars are built in up-to-date flat-corrugated carbodies from stainless steel, which production was deployed at TVZ in 2008. It is expected that TVZ cars will form premier named trains.

It is supposed that Tver Carriage Works will deliver 22 such cars to South Eastern Railway, 37 – Northern and 40 – Moscow Railway.