1 October 2013 y.

Transmashholding Suppies Additionally 88 Open-Plan Passenger Coaches to FPC in 2013

Contract for supply of 88 open-plan passenger coaches of model 61-4447 was executed on September 25 between CJSC Roslocomotive (subsidiary of CJSC Transmashholding) and JSC Trade House RZD.

Coaches produced by Tver Carriage Works (a part of Transmashholding) will be delivered to JSC Federal Passenger Company by the end of 2013. This rolling stock will be assigned to Moscow, North-Caucasus and North-Western branches of JSC FPC.

In total, Transmashholding anticipates to deliver in 2013 to Russian railmen 403 passenger coaches of various models, including 50 double-deck coaches and 82 RIC coaches.

Carbody shell is made of stainless steel to ensure 40 years operation (service life of cars made of ordinary steel is 28 years). Design features running gear with bolsterless bogies. Upper cross and lateral berths are equipped with safety handrails. Main interior elements are made of thermoforming plastic. Up-to-date effective noise-insulation materials are used in production.

Cars are equipped with eco-friendly toilets of vacuum type that may be used regardless of whether train running through sanitary zone or not; with HVAC system; fire alarm and fire detection system. Passengers may timely get information due to LED display board and audio systems. Cars are provided with sockets for mobile computing devices.