29 November 2013 y.

Transmashholding will deliver TEM TMH shunting locomotives to Estonia Railways

ZAO Transmashholding Baltia (TMH representative office in the Baltic States, Poland and Finland) has entered into the contract with AS EVR Cargo (subsidiary of Estonia Railways - AS Eesti Raudtee) on delivery of four TEM TMH shunting locomotives.

According to the contract 4 TEM TMH diesel locomotives will be delivered to the customer in 2014. The first loco will arrive to the Estonia Railways in April and further on one locomotive per month will be delivered.

4 of such shunting locomotives have been operated in Estonia, at the sea port of Sillamae (Sillamae Sadam AS). 41 diesel locomotives TEM TMH have been in operation by Lithuanian Railways for shunting and clean-up purposes. As per their characteristics, TEM TMH locomotives are able to replace 2 previous generation locomotives.

TEM TMH has an AC/DC electrical transmission. The loco is built on the basis of tried-and-true and operationally proven undercarriage of TEM18. The major design feature of TEM TMH is 8- or 12-cylinder Caterpillar engine of 970 kV or 1550 kV capacity. As to harmful substances emission, the locos are in compliance with Stage IIIA European standards. The diesel loco is designed on the basis of modular principle, thus enabling reduction of operational costs. The loco is equipped with specifically integrated braking system and complex safety system. Maximum comfortable working conditions for a driver are provided. Tower-type cabin allows for maximal visual angle, it has thermal protection and sound insulation. A modern microprocessor-based control system and independent cabin heating are installed.