19 December 2013 y.

Bryansk Engineering Plant Completed Supply of TEM TMH Shunting Diesel Locomotives for Moscow Railway

Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, a part of CJSC Transmashholding) has delivered two TEM TMH innovative shunting diesel locomotives to Moscow Railway. Thus and so, the company has performed a contract signed in September 2013.

In total, the contract stipulated delivery of four locomotives of this model to Railway. The first two machines were delivered to the customer early October 2013. It is expected that all four diesel locomotives will be operated in Likhobory depot (Moscow).

TEM TMH is a shunting diesel locomotive designed on the basis of well-established running gear of TEM18DM diesel locomotive. TEM TMH design features innovative technical solutions.

Diesel-generators may be used with output from 970 from 1455 kW. Up-to-date electronic loco control and monitoring system helps to duly diagnose defects. Modular layout principle with low hoods ensures operative replacement of modules, if necessary, thus reduces average loco repair time.

Diesel locomotive is operated from a driver’ cabin of tower type. Comfortable working conditions are provided in the locomotive: ergonomics control panels, seats equipped with vibration absorption system, as well as heating and ventilation system. Diesel locomotive essentially enhances efficiency of shunting operations both on railways and industrial facilities.

Operational tests of TEM TMH demonstrated up to 37% fuel saving during shunting works and up to 45% fuel saving during pulling works versus diesel locomotives of large-scale series.