20 December 2013 y.

Octyabrysky Electric Railway Car Repair Plant Supplied 44 Metro Cars to Saint-Petersburg in 2013

Octyabrysky Electric Railway Car Repair Plant (OEVRZ, a part of CJSC Transmashholding) has successfully performed a contract with Transport Committee of Saint-Petersburg Administration for supply of 81-714/717 model interim and head metro cars.

OEVRZ delivered to the customer 44 metro cars of 81-714/717 model, including head cars – 15 units, interim – 29 units within 2013, according the contract terms. The customer received the last cars of this batch: 3 head cars and 2 interim cars, in December.

New cars meet the most up-to-date requirements to comfort level, energy efficiency and operational reliability. Passenger saloons, including sofas are fitted with wear resistant anti-vandal materials that can be fully washable. This will ensure clean look and longevity of car equipment with minimal maintenance expenses.

Air intake and ventilation grids design provides equal air flow distribution in a passenger saloon.

Cars from external end wall side are equipped with devices preventing passenger falling on the track between cars.

Metro cars produced by OEVRZ have been successfully operated in Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk metro since 2010. Since 81-714/717model metro production start, the plant has manufactured about 180 cars of this model, 122 of which are under operation in Petersburg metro.