20 December 2013 y.

BMZ Certified its Freight Diesel Locomotive Vityaz with MTU Engine

Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, entity of Transmashholding Group) has been granted with a Compliance Certificate by Federal Railway Transport Certification Registry (RC FZT) that permits the company to produce and deliver to Russian railways a preserial batch of 2TE25AM mainline freight diesel locomotives.

The certificate extends to a 24-locomotive batch (a pilot batch) and is valid through December 17, 2016. It is expected that 2ТE25АМ-002 will be built by end of 2013 and other 7 diesel locomotives in 2014 according to the current contract. All these locos will be delivered to JSC Russian Railways.

2TE25AM dual section mainline freight diesel locomotive was developed on the basis of 2TE25А Vityaz: main and auxiliary equipment, component layout remain the same. The distinctive feature of this modification is MTU German power unit. Twenty-cylinder 2TE25AM has V-shaped cylinder arrangement at an angle 90. This is a four-stroke machine with turbocharger. The engine develops rated output 2700 kW (3672 h.p.) at 1800 rotations per minute. Specific fuel consumption is 194-208 grams per kilowatt-hour. The engine has maintenance-free СаPoS capacitor starting system developed by MTU. Moreover, antifreeze coolant is used instead of water that contributes to more sustainable operation at low temperatures.

2TE25AM is equipped with Webasto autonomous heater for optimal temperature of engine coolant before engine start. New diesel locomotive has microprocessor control and diagnostics system, as well as a package of safety devices.

First 2TE25АМ locomotive was built at BMZ in 2012. Tests including 5000 km run proved absolute economic efficiency of the loco, as fuel consumption is 6% less in the mean while output increase from 2500kW up to 2700 kW. Designers and testing people highlight sophisticated design of the loco, as well as its eco-friendly operation.

Powerful and up-to-date mainline freight diesel locomotive, like 2TE25AM, haul heavy trains on non-electrified lines with complex profile (including Baykal-Amur mainline).