23 January 2014 y.

Transmashholding Will Deliver Twenty TEM TMH Shunting Locomotives to Lithuanian Railways

CJSC TMH B (TMH representation in the Baltics, Poland and Finland) has entered into agreement with JSC Lithuanian Railways (LG) for supply of twenty TEM TMH shunting locomotives.

Delivery of TEM TMH locos shall be commenced at the end of January this year, further the customer will get one loco each month. The Russian company will transfer TEM TMH diesel loco sets to Vilnius loco repair deport for final assembly as per the agreement. Shunting locomotives will be built on well-proven and reliable running gear of TEM18DM diesel loco and equipped with Caterpillar diesel engines that satisfy UIC Stage IIIA requirements.

Currently, 51 TEM TMH locos are running on Lithuanian Railways. LG operation has demonstrated fuel saving up to 37% on shunting locos and up to 45% for freight operations versus diesel locos of earlier series. TEM TMH loco can replace 2 machines of previous generation in terms of technical performance.

TEM TMH shunting locomotives have been supplied to the Baltic countries since 2009 and operated both in Lithuanian and Estonia (port of Sillamae). It is expected to launch other four diesel locos of this series into operation on Estonian railway in the coming months.