17 February 2014 y.

As per 2013 financial results, sales revenue of Transmashholding increased by 18 %

Regarding 2013 Transmashholding performance, in comparison with 2012 Company sales revenue increased by 18% up to RUB 154 billion.

The highest growth was demonstrated by sales of shunting and mainline freight locomotives. Deliveries of shunting diesel locos increased by 90% up to 194 machines, and mainline freight diesel sales increased by 66% (from 170 to 283 sections). The Holding delivered to customers 40% more passenger mainline diesel locomotives (42 against 30 locos). As to electrical locomotives, passenger locos were sold 5% more (50 units compared to 41 units), and sales of freight mainline locomotives increased by 8% (434 sections compared to 351 ones). Deliveries of new model Metros “OKA” went 38% up (from 272 to 376 cars).