18 February 2014 y.

Metrowagonmash Delivered DPM DMU for Testing

Metrowagonmash (MWM, a part of JSC Transmashholding) has sent DPM DMU - the state-of-art solution, to VNIIZhT field in Sherbinka for acceptance and certification tests to be performed.

The DMU will be tested to comply with fire, environmental and traffic safety requirements within future months. In addition, full-scale tests of train braking system will be made. DPM is expected to be delivered then for dynamic tests to Belorechensk line (Northern-Caucasus Railway). It is scheduled to receive a certification for the new DMU by the end of this year.

DPM is designed for passengers transportation on nonelectrified railway lines. It is quite new for Russian transport engineering class of rolling stock products. It is feasible to build modifications for speed till 120 and 160 km/h. For the first time ever in domestic engineering, power equipment is not arranged in underfloor space, but in a separate special traction module with end-to-end connection in inter-car space developed and produced by Stadler. Power module benefits against underfloor power packs by lower vibration, noise impact on passengers, and optional fitting of more powerful engine (1119 kW) (engine size was limited by floor height in underfloor arrangement, so engines of output till 400 kW were used in the field). Moreover, such arrangement will provide an easier access to engine and drive elements for maintenance and replacement purposes, as well as better protection against environmental impact and vandalism and higher fire safety level.

The first demonstration of DPM DMU took place at IV International Railway Saloon of Engineering and Technologies EXPO-1520 on September 11-14, 2013 in Sherbinka.